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Tiger Point Village

Homeowners Association

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We live in a covenant restricted community. Some have asked..."How are the covenants enforced?" Essentially, many years ago the community hired Etheridge Property Management (EPM) as our agent to carry out the covenants in an impartial, unbiased, manner. They make random inspections of the Village and send letters to those who are violating the covenants. ANY resident can call EPM (850) 484-2611 or email them at to report a violation. EPM will check it out and, if appropriate, send a violation letter. This is not a "perfect" process. Your board members are all volunteers, trying to make the community better. EPM works to be impartial arbiters of the rules as written. We are working to sustain a defined and respectable process that is fair to all. Homeowners in violation of covenants never face a court proceeding unless they have been asked repeatedly to make a correction, and they have decided to remain in violation of the rules. What we have is a working, "court-tested" process, established by precedent, to keep our community above average and help maintain the property values for all of us. Homeowners found in violation in court will be liable for legal fees that the HOA had incurred. TPVHOA has won 100% of the court cases protecting the covenants and values of the community. In previous cases legal fees have cost the losing property owners thousands of dollars. No one on your board wants to go to court.

Below are reminders of the most frequent covenant violations:
BOATS, TRAILERS, ETC.-~~ these are not allowed. If you have an RV, boat, jet ski, trailer, etc. we
recommend you store it at one of the numerous lots along the 98 corridor.

Homeowners Assessments

The 2017 Annual Homeowner Assessment is now due in the amount of $143.00

The homeowner assessments are due on January 1st each year. They are late after March 31st and if left unpaid can result in late fee charges.

To pay your dues online using a credit card via PayPal, click on the Pay Now button. (The amount charged will actually be slightly higher due to transaction fees.)

Pay annual dues of $143.00. ($147.58 will be charged).

Mailbox es

Your residence mailbox is supposed to look like the house.

Outbuildin gs

The basic rule is that they are not allowed. If it is a "structure" it requires architectural approval. It's probably not going to be approved but ask. Several years ago we had a case of a homeowner who built a complete outbuilding in violation. Lost the cases and had to remove it. He paid over $10,000 in court cost.

Roads & Drains

The County is responsible for the conditions of the roads and the drainage in our area. There have been numerous problems since IVAN as some of the drainage boxes have been clogged and debris accumulated in the golf course lakes. Call Avis Whitfield, Santa Rosa County Director of Public Works at 981-7100 or email him at if you have a situation that needs to be addressed. We need to keep the pressure on the county as there were other instances of high water on Ceylon, Saber Tooth, Bengal, and the Madura's. Send an e-mail to our county commissioner, John Broxson, if you have issues not being addressed.

Major planting was completed on the Big Island in 2007 to improve the appearance and some rough areas have been filled. We have a new landscaping maintenance contractor for 2008, and we’re counting on the new company to help us maintain a more attractive community. Everyone is reminded to not park on the island. Part of our contract with the firm that maintains the island is to clear the first fifteen feet of vacant lots to improve "curb appeal". That is made difficult when there is debris left in the area. In several cases there are "new" vacant lots where once there were houses. We need to keep the first 15 feet of those lots clear so the "right-of-way" can be maintained. Residence landscaping~~ please work on yours. Now that we have almost fully recovered from storm damage, it’s time to return to good weed control and edging processes.


We regularly contract with off-duty Sheriff officers to provide additional patrols through the community and to slow down traffic on Tiger Point Boulevard and the other major stovepipes.

Speeding is a Problem
The Board of Directors, have been getting many complaints about the speeding on Tiger Point Blvd. We want to remind our residents, that the speed limit in Tiger Point is 25mph. Please limit your speed to 25 within the residential area!

There continues to be instances of vandalism and petty theft in the community. If you see anything that makes you suspicious please call 911 or the Santa Rosa County Sheriff substation at 981-2270 (NOTE: This is a change of phone numbers for the Sheriff's substation)or Keith Beckworth at (256) 599-3182 or email at

Architectural Committee

If you are making a major improvement at your property or are building on a lot then architectural approval is required. Please call Matt Peacock at (850) 418-0179 for an architectural packet. It remains the homeowner's responsibility to get approval!



Fences between houses that do not ruin a "view" can be six feet high. Fences toward the golf course or

the water can be four feet high. Fences higher than six feet are not allowed in the village. NO chain link fences are allowed...

Address Plates:

Many homes have had their addresses damaged or wiped out by hurricanes. The local Fire Chief recently asked that all homes make sure their mailbox is marked and that there is an identifiable address on the house from the street.


One "For Sale" sign is allowed on a lot with an additional one on the back of the property if it's on the golf course. One modest "election" sign may be posted immediately prior to an election for matters involving our county, state or national issues. Please take it down after elections day. Please don’t display signs that support or oppose a controversial issue in Escambia County of the City of Pensacola. We can't vote on those issues so give those signs to your buddies across the bridge.

Garbage & trash containers must be stored out of view as per the TPVHOA Covenants & Restrictions. Article IV Section 7

Trash/Recycle Pickup