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Architectural Review Applications

Architectural Review

Application Form


Matt Peacock (850) 418-0179

  New Homes:          $100.00

Additions:             $50.00

Other:                   $25.00

(Ie, Pool, Fence)

Dear Tiger Point Village Home Builder:

Since you recently requested a Tiger Point Village application for architectural approval, it is property timing to inform you now of certain information and requirements.

There are applicable portions of the Tiger Point Homeowners Association Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCR's), which are binding on all property owners/occupants in the subdivision.  Please review them carefully. You will note that architectural approval is required for new home construction, home additions, fences, and swimming pools. Problem areas that have been previously encountered, which we hope you will avoid, are the addition of outbuildings (not allowed), installation of fences with our prior approval (includes hedges installed as fences), fences in the front yard (not allowed), fences higher than permitted, and timely landscaping.  Please also note in the CCR’s the restriction of parking of other than automobiles on your property.

If a pool, fence or home addition is the subject of the review request, a complete plot plan showing location, size, and type of material is required.

To obtain home building approval, it is necessary to submit a complete set of plans. Required is a plot plan (be sure the front/side/rear lot setbacks are indicated), floor plan, foundation plan, wall sections plan, roof framing plan, electrical plan, a specifications sheet and landscape plan (the latter in duplication and no smaller than 8 1/2x 11). Please note that sod is required in front and along both sides of the home. It is strongly suggested that the back yard be sodded as well as standing water is an area problem and an unimproved back yard is a definitely create problems.

A mailbox using home siding material exterior is required. It is suggested you use a plastic type mailbox insert and have an insert for newspapers (make it large enough for the Sunday paper).

You must complete your home in 9 months. Landscaping is required to be completed no later than 30 days after home construction completion.  If your home is completed between December 1 and 30 days after home construction completion. If your home is completed between December 1 and March 1, winter rye may be used temporarily in place of sod, but permanent sod must be laid no later than April 15.  A minimum of 12 border type ornamental plants are required.  The liberal use of crepe myrtle plants is recommended as colorful flowering plant native to the area.  It is suggested you leave standing as many trees as possible when decided lot clearance.

You must required to get Santa Rosa County, phone 432-2244, to set grade elevations for drainage.  To avoid standing water in your driveway you may want to consider a 6"-18" pipe under your driveway.  Many homes that have not done this and have lead to drainage problems.

Once you have assembled all the required plans and competed the attached form letter to the Architectural Committee, to make arrangements to get your plans approved call Larry Bryant at 850-293-6790.  Three other members of the committee must review your package so be prepared to allow us ample time to review your request.

You as the owner/builder will be held responsible for insuring that the job site is kept clean and orderly throughout the building process.  Think of your neighbors - you soon will be part of the neighborhood!

If you install a sprinkle system using a well, try to kept he spray off the house to prevent iron/rust discoloration.  You will be glad you did when you attempt to remove the discoloration that is created by the shallow individual wells in our area.

Shortly after you move into your new home you will receive a visit from the Tiger Point Village Welcoming Committee with a packet of additional information on the community.  We welcome you to our Tiger Point family and hope your building plans go smoothly.

The Tiger Point Homeowners Association has a property management firm employed to assist in the proper and timely administration of homeowners affairs: Mr. Kevin Etheridge, Etheridge Property Management, 908 Gardengate Circle, Pensacola, FL  32504, phone 850-484-2611, fax 850-484-2925 email: Mr. Etheridge will be your contact point for numerous items including financial status, contract administrator, Homeowner Association dues collector, CCR violation reports/complaints, Homeowner Association newsletter, meetings minutes published, etc. Feel free to contact Mr. Etheridge with your questions.

Fence guidelines are as follow:

1. No “chain-link” type fences are allowed.   

2. Maximum fence height is 6 feet except for golf course and water front lots when 4 feet is the maximum except in a special circumstance (to be requested by builder and approved by Architectural review committee).

3. There will be no fence request approved which extends beyond the front of the home.

Please drive safely and observe the subdivision speed limit.  Help us keep the subdivision streets and area policed and neat.  Please also participate in your homeowners association meetings on the 4th Thursday of each month at 5:00 PM.